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Contrary to popular belief.

Ultra Soft Exfoliating Sponge For Shower|Japanese Spa Cellulite Massager|Dead Skin Remover Sponge For Body|Face Scrubber Sponge Multi Color| Set of 3


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    Product will come in wet form, if dry becomes hard and when sock into water it will become normal. Made of soft and durable material,so it will not scratch your skin when you use it on your face and body. Suitable for cleaning your skin.body scrubber for dead skin| bath sponge| dead skin remover| dead skin removal bathing sponge| dead skin remover sponge| bath sponge womenbody sponge for bathing| body exfoliator| bathing sponge for body| bath sponge for baby| body sponge| bath sponge body dead skin remover| exfoliating sponge exfoliating sponge| bathing sponge| body scrubs for women for bathing| skin scrubber| neck dirt remover dewy hours exfoliating gloves| bath sponge for men| dead skin remover for face|